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Hungaroflash was established in 1994 with the mission to manufacture dependable long-life strobe lights. Since that time, our company has attained a strong market position by producing a quality product and by maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement of our strobe lights.

Technically, the Hungaroflash strobes feature unique characteristics that provide huge flash output and more capabilities than the average strobe appliances on the market. And our selection of strobe lights gets better every year as our research and development enables us to introduce new products and features to our customers.

The evolution of our product line has been remarkable since the introduction of the TURBO in 1992. Developed for use in heavy-duty cycle clubs and discos, the TURBO was our first successful strobe appliance. Expanding on its success, we created the QUASAR in 1994. The QUASAR was the first strobe also capable of working as a continuous light source at 15kW power. Then we added color to the mix. Our research and development enabled us to produce dichroic color filters that enabled us to offer strobes with heat resistant COLORS and from that came the RGB strobe in 1996. Just last year, in response to a client request, we developed a RAINPROOF strobe rated at IP65 that we are currently working on to create an UNDERWATER version. This year we are discontinuing the original TURBO, but in its place we are offering the EURODMX strobe (and the USDMX version) which offers the same great performance in a smaller and DMX-only format.

We're not stopping there. Coming soon, we will introduce these new products: the Quasar SILENT for theaters; a high power (75kW) strobe to produce lightning flashes for movie companies; and an improved smaller version of the RGB strobe.

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